About Me

In 2016 stepping out into the scene and forming the collective In House with a band of friends who were more like brothers, would come together to unite and create a harmonious rendition at Centennial Park in the small town of Porterville California. Their group would eventually develop and catapult young poets into the music scenery.

With a Hip-Hop base , Jazz and RnB influence, rising out of the woodwork of big dreams and fantasy, at just seventeen kayfromfaraway would drop his first release music project titled - Japan: a Mixtape by kayfromfaraway on the night of his High school Graduation.

With songs like "Sometimes" and “A Mere Boy” that would eventually extend into a full feature music video comprised in the streets and the downtowns of their Portervillian home land. 

Others songs like “Good Enough” and “Sane at 18” giving the listener an idea and clear definition of what kayfromfaraway has set out to conquer through the art of music. But “Moodrant” would stand out as the iconic production of the Album with its collaborative music artists (featuring J ISAIAH) and its laid back catchy solo guitar hook. This album, along with single tracks like “ Look” “Wussup“ and “Low as the Stars” would soon mesmerize the interest and likes of many listeners creating hundreds of followers from SoundCloud to Twitter and Instagram to say the least.

Fast forward to 2019

kayfromfaraway would release his latest work of art Glad to be Here with countless hours behind this project in the studio, professionally composed and collaborating with several key figures from musicians to vocalist leaving no room for guessing.

With everything put on the table for this record kayfromfaraway would get the attention and respect from music producers in The Central Coastal region and with a slightly different vibe from the last album but the same components and its unique qualities, “Glad to be here” would propel onto the set with its debut hit “Can’t Be." The colorfully animated face cover of the album with people playing on a playground gave it a sense of living in the moment without a care in the world and enjoying life no matter what you're going though. The song “Looking for a Miracle“ featuring (Brianna Burns) would make it’s way up to the Apple Music line up, with more than 500 in its first week. 

Other artist and musicians like J ISAIAH, Ben$on, J-Strummer, Icey P, and Patrick Jimenez would appear in the project as well.

This project would reveal the growth and integrity as a musician, artist and performer that had been attained and accredited throughout the years but not without hardships, broken relationships, and the death of a grandfather.

From the stages of Santa Maria to The Sacramento Expo kayfromfaraway has began a journey to achieve and accomplish what was purposed in his heart long ago.

There’s a lot more to be said about who kayfromfaraway is but if you listen to the music and watch my performance , you’ll understand a lot more about me”